Frequently Asked Questions


How hard is Hard Chrome?
Typically, the plated deposit is Rc 68-70.

What is the temperature of the process?
The operating parameters of the hard chrome process are 120º F – 130ºF.

What size parts can be processed?
CRC Chrome can process very small parts with inside diameters of .090 and outside diameters up to 44”. A 2-ton hoist enables us to plate large parts up to 10 ft.

What tolerances can be held?
The thickness of chrome that is required and the configuration of the part greatly influence the tolerances that can be held. Years of experience allows CRC Chrome to employ a variety of masking and fixturing techniques to achieve a uniform deposit.

What Materials can be hard chrome plated?
CRC Chrome applies chrome to steel, stainless, alloys, cast iron, brass, copper and bronze.

Can chrome be applied to existing chrome?
Yes, chrome can be plated onto existing chrome surfaces.

How thick can chrome be applied?
CRC can apply coatings as thin as .00005 to deposits as heavy as .050.