Your Leading Provider for Chrome Plating Services

When it comes to chrome plating shops, CRC Chrome is a leading company in the chrome finishing industry. We offer top-notch finishing services in order to provide our customers with the type of chrome plating service they desire. Our experience and expertise can’t be beat. We work with expert engineers in order to meet the specific finishing needs of our customers and save them time and money.

Our Chrome Plating Services
CRC Chrome is proud to offer a host of plating and finishing services, including:
  • Sandblasting

  • Polishing

  • Buffing

  • Satin finishing

  • Flash chrome plating

  • Custom chrome plating

Whether it’s flash plate or heavy deposits, satin finishes or high polishes, every service we perform is executed to our customers’ exact specifications.

When it comes to sandblasting companies, we are unparalleled. We use an industrial sandblaster in order to make sure the finish on your part is smooth and will meet strict standards. Our commercial sandblaster prepares your parts for finishing in the most efficient manner possible.

Unsurpassed Custom Chrome Plating
At CRC Chrome, we strive not only to meet the needs of our customers but also to exceed their expectations. Whether we are working on a large production run or a single piece, every project is handled with the same level of care and expertise. Rather than subcontracting jobs to sandblasting contractors or other companies, all of our polishing, buffing, and sandblasting is conducted in-house. This allows us to minimize our turnaround time and get our customers their products as efficiently as possible.

Further, all rush orders and Just-in-Time programs can be accommodated easily. We ensure the safe arrival of all orders with our careful attention to packaging. We want to make sure your parts get to you in the same condition in which they left our shop.

Call us today at 203-630-1008 to discuss your chrome plating needs, or request a free quote online.